10 simple steps to keep your house clean and organized


Hey girls!! Do you have a friend in your life who is super organized and the only thing that keeps revolving in your mind when you visit her room is — where the hell is she finding time and energy in her busy schedule? Yes, we all have!! But, trust me, you don’t need to invest a lot of time everyday tidying up your room. I was once a very, very messy person and organizing things seemed to be an impossible thing to me. My things were all over the house and I used to keep on searching for things..ugh!!! But over the time, I have made some small changes to my daily routine and now, I am a proud owner of a clean and happy home!! Some things I learnt from observation and some from experience — Let’s talk about simple things you need to do/change to keep your house clean and organized. Because a clean house is a happy and peaceful home!! A messy home disturbs your mind and you will be frustrated for very little things. This is no good, ladies!! So lets get on to the mission of organizing!!

Clean Little by Little:
I reached the point where I was super frustrated with my messy room and decided it is high time to get organized. But the biggest confusion was where to start. At first, I used to set my goal to finish cleaning the whole house in one day. Later I realized that this is a very bad idea because cleaning up a hyper-messed up room in just one day is an ambitious goal. Though you will be energetic in the beginning, it will slowly fade away and you will end up tucking away things into storage bins or hiding places without properly organizing. Instead, try to finish little by little. Set your target to one room a day or even a section of a room in a day. Do it with perfection. This way, you will not feel that you are spending your whole day tidying up your space.

Make your bed daily:
Making your bed daily makes your bed room look neat and you feel peaceful as you enter the room.

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Get rid off all things that you don’t actually need. Go through your stuff every month and see if you are actually using it.

Don’t pile up:
I used to pile up my mails and bills because I was super lazy! People with clean houses never let them pile up. Any unnecessary mails and bills should go right into the trash can as soon as you open them. Can’t do it on a weekday because you are too tired? Then here is my super easy tip — keep a storage box where you can drop off your mails and on a weekend, go through them and trash away the ones that you don’t need. Store your coupons in a coupon organizer. Don’t let dishes pile up. Wash them everyday.

Use Labels:
Labels are the best friends of organizing-savvy people. They help you know where your things are and you will be super-organized. I use labels for everything – especially the kitchen!! It saves me a lot of time and energy. I usually buy chalk board labels from Amazon. You can also customize your own online and print them on to sticker paper, to add more fun element.

Invest in storage pieces:
Whether you love open storage units or closed ones– invest in some shelving units, storage baskets/bins and trays. You don’t have to spend a lot for this. Dollar tree has decent quality storage supplies and they are cute too! Grab the ones that match your room and organize away!!

Don’t overload storage bins and shelves:
Overloading storage bins and shelves does no good!! You will not be able to see what’s where and so you will pull out everything. If this happens in the busy mornings, then you will most probably not bother to put them back again!! Even if it is a hidden storage, organize things in such a way that you will be able to find them easily with no hassle.

Keep trash bins in every room:
Yes, this is a must to prevent trash from being all over the floor. I keep one under my desk and I have noticed a huge difference.

Pick up things everyday:
This is my go to tip to prevent my house from becoming a mess. Whenever I am moving from room to room, I pick up things on the floor. Though it doesn’t seem much like a task, it helps you a lot.

Involve family members:
Involve the people you are staying with in cleaning and organizing. This will make it a team work and you will feel less burden.

Once you have finished properly organizing your room, you must have realized that it just takes you few minutes a day, to keep your house clean, on following the above rules. Picking things while going from room to room, keeping things in place after you finish using them, keeping mails in a box, making bed — all these things are very easy to do and don’t take more than 10 minutes a day, right? Happy cleaning u’all 🙂

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