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Of course, exercise is very important. But we all have those days where we are very tired after a long, stressful day at work and the only thing we want to do after coming home, is to glue ourselves to the couch or bed. Not everyone is having enough time to work out these days. The end result? Most people are resorting to crash diets and are starving the heck out of themselves. Yes, crash diets will definitely make you shed those excess pounds like crazy but they also bring you bonus gifts – side effects and health issues!  Can any one of you tell me that your skin glows after an intense crash diet? No, right?

Today I am going to tell you my 7 tips and tricks to maintain your weight even when you don’t work out. No more dieting!!  Let’s get out of these fad diet myths and enter into the world of wholesome diet, where fruits and veggies are going to be your new BFFs &  nuts and whole grains are gonna be your new energy boosters! Eat till your heart becomes full and stay fab with these tips!!

So the trick here is – you need to make your body burn extra calories even while you are sitting at your desk. You might be wondering — how the heck is that possible? Simple! Eat foods that boost your metabolism and say good bye to processed foods which accumulate unnecessary fats and toxins in the body! Check out these tips on how to do it —

1.Start your day with a warm glass of Lemon Water:

 Your body is deprived of water for 7-8 hours while you are sleeping and so in the mornings, it will be craving for water to push out the toxins. Lemon Water alkalizes the body and supplies electrolytes in the form of calcium and potassium. It cleans out the liver and also helps in digestion. It boosts the metabolism and helps the body in better absorption of nutrients from the food.   If you don’t have lemons available, just drink a plain glass of warm water.


2. Drink Warm Water after every meal:

Do you have any Chinese or Japanese friends? Then you should be knowing this already. Drinking warm water after every meal breaks down the food easily, promotes better digestion and proper bowel movements. It boosts the metabolic rate, which means our body burns more calories than usual. It improves blood circulation and cleanses the system by flushing out the toxins.

3. Drink a glass of Ajwain   (carom seeds) and Jeera (Cumin Seeds) Tea everyday:

Add ½ teaspoon of cumin seeds and ½ teaspoon of carom seeds to a glass of boiling water and switch off the stove after 5-6 minutes. You will see the water turned brown. Filter the seeds and there you have it!! Carom and Cumin Seeds are great options to lose weight. Carom seeds reduce acidity, stomach gases and constipation. They improve the metabolic rate and burn extra calories. Cumin seeds are rich in anti-oxidants and the phytosterols in these seeds keep the cholesterol in check. This drink is a kick ass fat burner while being soothing on your belly. You can buy them here(affiliate links): Organic Cumin Seeds and Organic Ajwain Seeds 

weightloss tea

4. Eat Healthy and Whole Foods:

Do you know that getting a fit body requires 80% of healthy food and 20% of exercise? Well, if you are not able to do justice to the 20%, do the other 80% right.  Try to include more fruits and veggies in your diet. The dietary fiber in these foods  takes longer to digest and will boost your metabolism. Snack on a handful of nuts instead of grabbing a bag of chips.


5. Control your portion sizes:

Keep an eye on the portion sizes. I don’t mean to say count each and every calorie that goes inside your body, but try to eat several small meals rather than having one big meal. This boosts your metabolism and speed up your weight loss journey.  You will feel a whole world of difference, just by making this one change.

6. Plan your meals ahead:

Planning your meals ahead will keep your thoughts in check and you will be less tempted to grab an unhealthy meal. It’s all a mind game!! I noticed that on the days where I plan ahead on what snacks to have after work, I go home straight and tend to choose healthier options. Otherwise I find myself in Taco Bell or Chick Fil A munching over some unhealthy crap and thinking ‘’Ugh! This is gonna be the last time I come here.” So yes, for me, planning ahead is the key to keep myself in track.

7. Never Compromise on Taste:

One biggest tip I can give you guys is – never, ever compromise on taste!! Find healthy yet tasty options. This will help you a lot in controlling your portion sizes. Wondering how? See this:

The sound of spinach + kale + turmeric + yogurt smoothie doesn’t sound that pleasant to my ears and I swear, I will not look forward to that meal. Whereas a warm kale, spinach lentil soup with some steamed veggies on the side and a bowl of yogurt to finish off the meal turns my senses on and I will definitely look forward to that. Adding a pinch of turmeric to this soup will still give me the benefits of turmeric, but I can barely feel its taste. 

Did you see? – In both the above options, the ingredients are same, but both send different signals to my brain. I feel happy after having the latter meal where as I have a “hard to explain feeling” after having the former meal, which is, trust me, not at all the happy one!! Only a happy mind can  create a healthy body!! By choosing tasty options, your portions sizes will automatically will be in check because you will be looking forward to your next meal and will make some space in your belly for it. All of our tastes are different. Choose what you like and enjoy!!

So guys, did you enjoy my tips and tricks to lose weight even when you are not working out? What are your favorite tricks to maintain your weight? Let me know in the comments and also please do like and share this post with your loved ones! See you guys in my next post, till then stay fit and fab!! 




  1. candy says:

    Never knew about drinking warm water after each meal or the teas. Will start immediately with the water. Will have to get stuff for the teas.

    • galmeetsglitter@gmail.com says:

      Give it a try and let me know how you like it. You can always adjust the quantity of seeds to taste, depending on how mild or strong you want it to be

    • galmeetsglitter@gmail.com says:

      yeah.. set an alarm reminder for one week and I bet, you will not forget to drink it after that, even without the reminder, because of the amazing things it does to your skin and body.

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