Hello everyone! Do you love the refreshed feeling that you get by spraying a facial mist? Are you some one who doesn’t want to spend a lot on facial mists, but want to enjoy their benefits to the fullest? If yes, then this is for you!!

Often store-bought facial mists can be a bit expensive and a homemade spray mist sounds like the cheap and best option. In fact, the best part about the home made recipes is that, you have complete control over the ingredients you put in it. Moreover, no harmful ingredients!! Now, who doesn’t love that??

Today, I am going to share my favorite recipe with you guys, and you know what, this is suitable for all skin types and this recipe can be doubled up as a toner!! Also, you can carry it in your purse anywhere you go and give an instant touch up to your skin. You can even use this as a makeup setting spray!!


Facial Mist Preparation:

Pour rose water into a spray bottle and to it, add the saffron strands. That’s it! Shake it well before each use and let your skin enjoy all the goodness from saffron and rose water. I usually fill up my 1/2 oz glass spray bottle with rose water and add 10 strands of saffron to it.I leave the saffron strands inside the bottle itself and this will last me for 3-4 days. This mist makes my skin glow every time I use it and on continuous use, I have noticed that my acne is healing up, scars are fading and my skin feels fresh and bright.


Saffron has several skin benefiting properties and has been a part of beauty treatments since ancient times. This is a must-have ingredient in every Kashmiri girl’s beauty routine and did you ever notice how flawless and beautiful their skin is?

It brightens up the skin and evens out the complexion. It is rich in anti-bacterial properties and so works great for acne prone skin. It removes the tan and gives you a healthy, glowing skin by improving the blood circulation. Saffron is an expensive herb, but you need a very few strands per batch. A small box of saffron will come a long way. You can buy saffron here

Rose Water:

Using Rose Water daily gives a healthy, rose glow to the skin. It balances the skin’s PH and when skin’s PH is balanced, many skin problems will be in check. The astringent properties in rose water help in removing the excess sebum and dirt. It treats acne and heals the scars. It tightens up the skin, prevents wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin and makes you look younger. The list keeps on going and yes, it is not an easy thing to gain a place in Queen Cleopatra’s beauty cabinet. It should have a lot of potential, right? Well, rose water did it!!

The aroma of rose water will lift up your mood and gives you a new energy, every time you spritz it on to your face.  For this recipe, you can make your own rose water at home, and if you do so, be sure to refrigerate it. However, if you want to carry it around with you in your purse, I say, buy a good quality rose water with no harmful additives. It will stay good for longer period.

Oh, and by the way guys, if you are looking for spray bottles, then check out this spray bottle set . I liked the quality and I can easily carry them in  my purse without any leakage (you can see the bottle in the pic above).

Do you guys love the idea? If so, try it and let me know how it worked for you guys. I bet you all will love it!! Also, please do share this with your friends and family 🙂 You can join the private green beauty community on facebook at TheGreenBeautyDivas . . See you guys in my next post, till then stay beautiful <3



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      Yeah, I feel it is not needed to spend so much on facial mists when you can make them at home for a fraction of cost

    • says:

      Let me know how you like it 🙂 For me, it brightened my face, and worked on my acne scars while giving an instant glow. I hope it will help you too 🙂

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