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Since you landed on this page, I believe you are looking for coloring and conditioning your hair naturally. Well, welcome to the henna lovers community!!

Henna serves the purpose of coloring and conditioning at the same time. How awesome is that?? Today, I am gonna share with you the basic henna recipe for beginners, which is very easy to make.

Things you need are:

  1. Henna Powder
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Coffee powder
  4. Yogurt
  5. Egg
  6. Iron bowl.

All the ingredients are very easy to acquire. You can find henna in any Indian grocery store for a very cheap price!!

henna for beginners

Henna Powder:

Choose a good quality henna powder. Don’t believe the misconception that the greener the henna, the better. If you don’t have any herbal hair care powders with you, choose the henna that already comes with a mix of herbs. This way, you can reap the benefits of the herbs too!! I love the henna from Godrej Nupur Natural, and many of my friends use it too. It is one of the best quality hennas out there and we all love it. It contains 9 natural herbs – Brahmi, Shikakai, Aloe Vera, Methi, Bhringraj, Amla, Neem, Hibiscus, and Jatamansi. These herbs are great for promoting hair growth, treating dandruff, hair fall and make your hair healthy. I love to add my homemade herbs to henna, but when i am out of them, or on busy days, this is my go-to product.

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is great for clarifying the scalp, impart shine and is a great dandruff fighter. Add Lemon juice or something sour like apple cider vinegar if you feel that lemon is too harsh for your hair. Adding something acidic can promote the dye release.

 Coffee Powder:

Caffeine in the coffee powder is great for hair loss. It promotes hair growth and adds dimension and shine to the hair. You can even boil the powder in the water and add the liquid, if you don’t want to feel the bits of coffee powder in your hair later. However, it easily comes out when you brush your hair. Coffee also gives a brownish tint to your hair.


Yogurt is a great moisturizing agent and it leaves your hair baby soft. So this is a must-have ingredient in your henna recipe!!


Egg is a great protein and your hair needs protein externally too!! If you are not a fan of egg, you can skip it. But it is always good to add a dash of protein in your weekly henna regimen!! If you are not comfortable with the smell of egg, then skip the yolk part and just add the egg white. But if you tolerate the smell, I recommend adding yolk also, for people with dry hair. But remember to wash it off properly with a mild herbal shampoo. You can also finish off  with an apple cider vinegar rinse to cut off the egg smell.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E makes your hair shiny and supplies hydration. Break a capsule and add the contents to the henna mixture.

 Iron Bowl:

Finally, the main thing you need for henna preparation — the iron bowl!! Though it is not compulsory that you have to use an iron bowl, you find greater benefits on using it. Iron helps in oxidizing and imparts deep, rich color to your hair. Don’t have an iron bowl handy?? No worries, just grab some random iron pieces lying around the house like nails and throw them in your henna mix. It does the job!!

That’s it!! Your henna mix is ready. It is always suggested to let your henna sit for at least 6-8 hours before using it on your hair. This will help in dye release. Also, apply henna on a clean, washed hair. This will help in the nutrients getting absorbed better. After applying henna, wash it off with plain water and don’t do anything to your hair for 3 days. If you did not mix egg yolk, then your hair will not have any funky smell and you are safe to skip the shampoo. A mild herbal smell may remain, which I am absolutely okay with.  However, if you are not a fan, wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo the next day or before you step outside the house.

Hope you guys found this beginner’s guide helpful and stay tuned to my blog, as I will be posting more advanced henna recipes. Have a beautiful hair, ladies!!


  1. Nimi Popat says:

    I loved your recipe of henna. I usually soak it in tea and add hibiscus and rose petals to it. Just a small tip I would like to add. If ypu have dry hair, instead of using iron bowl opt for steel bowl and add a tsp of olive oil. It makes hair really smooth and shiny. 🙂

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