Hi All, I have previously posted about how to do Fruit Facial at homeI would like to add to the series by sharing how to do a Green Tea facial at home. Green Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and is great for anti-aging. If you are suffering from puffy face, then you must give this facial a try, because green tea is great for reducing puffiness and shrinking your pores. Lets get into the details: 

CLEANSE: Cleansing the basic step before starting any facial. This step gets rid of the dirt and leaves a clean slate for the ingredients to work their magic on your skin. Using any of your favorite cleanser, wash off all the dirt and grime.  My favorite is the St Ives Green Tea Cleanser

EXFOLIATE: Time to exfoliate, Baby!! Exfoliation is the key to remove all the dead skin cells and give you a glowing skin. Empty a green tea bag and take a small portion of those leaves. Add some honey to it and mix well. Use this mixture to scrub the dead skin away! I also like to use St. Ives Scrub Green Tea Scrub to exfoliate sometimes.

STEAM: Now it’s time to open up those pores!! Learn about the Benefits of Steaming and how to do it at home . For this facial, I prepare the facial steam by emptying the contents of two green tea bags into the bowl and a drop of tea tree essential oil (optional). Rub your face with an ice cube to close the pores. Keep aside the remaining water in the bowl for later use.


MASSAGE: Massage is the most important step for any facial. To prepare the cream for massage, I use a mixture of Matcha Green Tea Powder (1 teaspoon) and yogurt (1 teaspoon). If you don’t have Matcha green tea powder, empty the contents of a green tea bag into a blender and blend it with yogurt to form a smooth paste. You need to use upward strokes while performing the massage. Upward strokes lift your skin against the gravitational force, giving you a more youthful look. Massage also helps to relieve the tension from the facial muscles and promotes relaxation.

FACIAL MASK: I use Etude House Green Tea Sheet Mask  every time I do this green tea facial. It is very relaxing and effective. If you don’t have this sheet mask, you can make your own. Take a paper napkin and cut it in a shape that fits your face (leaving eyes and lips open). Dip it in the water bowl infused with green tea and place it on your face for 10-15 minutes.  Remove the sheet mask and pat the excess liquid into the skin.

Your skin feels less puffy and pores seem to shrink. It is a great anti-oxidant rich facial. Give it a try and let me know in the comments what do you think. Stay beautiful and happy !!




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      You are welcome 🙂 You must give it a try and put it on your skin. It will give you great results 🙂

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      Thank you jennifer!!
      By illustration, do you mean the cartoon pic?? That is a stock photo, I don’t remember where I got it from, I usually save them to a folder from different websites. I will see if i can find out and let you know 🙂

  1. Ashley Clore says:

    I love this post! How do you make those awesome cartoon graphics? I love how you used it to give your readers a visual! I’m def going to try doing this DIY Green tea mask!

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