About Me

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Hey guys!

A hearty welcome to my blog! If you are reading this, you probably are a natural beauty or a home decor enthusiast like me! So, why don’t we get to know each other and interact on this beautiful online platform?

I am Mounika, a girl next door, green beauty lover and interior styling freak. I have been into natural skin care literally at the age of 10 or 11. All these years, I have been adding to my beauty “knowledge”  and I always love to keep myself updated in beauty and home decor industry. Even though I am a big beauty junkie, I am very careful of what I put on my skin. I have always been a huge fan of Ayurveda and I am a strong believer that every beauty problem can be solved with herbs, roots and fruits. I always crave to feed my beauty addiction with new toxin-free products in the market and of course, the ultimate DIY recipes from my kitchen! I love making DIY home decor projects and up cycling antique store finds has become my crazy new hobby!! To me, curating my home with things that reflect our personality and things that we love is very important than filling up with stuff, just because it is a trend.  Creating  a peaceful and inviting home that looks straight outta a pinterest board doesn’t require a lot of money —  just some sense of style, a few tips and tricks on smart shopping and styling is sufficient, which by the way, you are gonna find plenty on my blog.

Working in IT field, with a 9 to endless hours of schedule and trying to be healthy/ taking care of my skin simultaneously was not an easy battle for me at first. And, an unhealthy work environment with constant bullying added to this . All the enthusiasm/passion i had for skin care and healthy eating faded out and i literally became a couch potato. Home cooked meals were replaced by to-go dinners. Slowly, I learnt how to deal with “work bullying” and started to search for that “lost myself” again. Two years later, I am now back to that same old girl who turns her kitchen ‘laboratory’ into a total mess by creating  and testing new beauty recipes. My experiences made me think “No woman ever should neglect taking care of herself because of work pressure or lack of time or whatever reason” . So I always try to put together some easy and quick beauty recipes for such people on my blog.

Do I regret those lost 2 years in my life? — NEVER! In fact, such bitter experiences made me a much stronger and better person!!

This blog is for everyone — from hard core beauty enthusiasts to super busy working women looking for quick and effective remedies to stay at home mamas, interior styling freaks to DIY lovers to newbies interested in learning about home decor stuff. Any tips or products mentioned on this blog are truly tested!

So guys, now it’s your turn! Let’s keep in touch and share away the positivity and knowledge on beauty/home decor. Join my glitter insider community here