“I love my dark, pigmented lips” – said no woman ever!! Every one of us want soft, pink and kissable lips and we are ready to do anything to get them. But most of us don’t know the right things to do to get rid of lip pigmentation and we invest in expensive balms and treatments, which cost an arm and leg, but no results in the end. Frustrating, right??

A few months back, my lips turned really dark and these tips and tricks I am gonna walk you through in this post, have improved my lips condition greatly!!


Before I jump into the remedies, let’s have a talk about the reasons for dark and pigmented lips, so you can avoid doing these mistakes.

Smoking: This may come as a bad news to smokers out there, but yeah, you need to quit your smoking habit to rock those pink lips. After all, beauty is pain, baby!!

Caffeine: Okay, my dear coffee lovers, suck it up!! Excessive coffee consumption may be the culprit for your lip pigmentation!!

Dryness: Who would have thought that dry lips can be the reason for dark lips? But yes, it is true!! Your lips don’t have oil glands and so, they cannot produce oil on their own. You need to supply them with enough hydration from inside out to keep them moisturized. Dryness can lead to cracked and chapped lips, which result in darkness.

Anemia: I was guilty of this a few months back, but iron supplements saved my lips!!

Poor eating habits: Ladies, I know you all know this, but I am bringing this up as a reminder. What you put inside your body is what you look outside. Eat whole and healthy foods to bring out the best and beautiful you!!

Sun Exposure: Lips are sensitive parts and when over exposed to sun, they suffer from pigmentation.

So these are some of the basic and pillar steps you need to follow for soft, pink lips —

  1. Quit Smoking
  2. Limit Coffee breaks.
  3. Apply a lip balm with SPF during the day. Apply a deep hydrating and nourishing lip balm/treatment at night
  4. Consult a doctor and get your hemoglobin levels tested. Use the prescribed iron supplements consistently, if you are anemic.
  5. Cheating on your diet once in a while is okay, we are all human you know!! But try to eat as healthier as possible to stay fab!!

Once you adopt all the above mentioned habits, you will start seeing difference in your lips. In addition to these, start using these homemade treatments to achieve those kissable lips you have always dreamt of!!


6. Glycerin, Lemon Juice and Rose Water Treatment:

Glycerin is my go-to product whenever my lips feel dry. Lemon juice is a great bleaching agent and is excellent to clear out the dark spots/pigmentation. Roses are a great way to get rosy lips!! These magical flowers give a natural pink tint to your lips and decrease the pigmentation over a course of time. Apply this mixture on your lips every night.  If you have no time and want to stick to one single remedy, then this will be the one!! Yes, I saw the improvement in my lips, just after a couple of days of using this remedy. I am currently using NOW Foods Vegetable Glycerine and Gaia Purity Pure Moroccon Rose Water and I absolutely love them.

7. Beetroot and milk Ice cubes:

Mix some beetroot juice and milk in equal quantities and pour into an ice cube tray. Let it freeze and there you have, nature’s one of the best lip treatments!! Rub it on your lips as many times as you can throughout the day. Beetroot gives a nice tint to your lips and works magic on your pigmentation. Milk smooth-ens your lips and the lactic acid present in the milk helps in reducing the dark spots.

8. Lemon, Sugar and Honey Scrub:

Okay, I cannot stress enough on this – exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate!! Take a thin lemon slice and dip it in some sugar and honey mixture. Now rub the slice gently on your lips. Remember not to over exfoliate.

9. Orange Peel, Rice flour and Olive Oil Scrub:

Dried Orange peel  powder and rice flour treat the dark spots/areas on your skin and brighten up the dull skin. Mix these two ingredients with olive oil and scrub your lips with this mixture. You can make your own Orange Peel powder at home or if you don’t have time to do so, I recommend you guys to try this: Herbs And Crops Organic Orange Peel Powder

Okay peeps, there are a lot of other remedies for treating dark lips, but these are my current favorites!! Hope you like them and if it helped you, share this post with your friends 🙂




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