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Clean your face with this daily for a glowing, flawless skin

Is your skin looking dull and lifeless? Are you suffering from acne? Is your skin dry from all those chemical laden cleansers?  Do you want a glowing, flawless skin? The single answer to all these questions — Orange peel powder! Did you know that orange peels have more vitamin C than the orange itself? Yes, those orange peels that go straight into your dustbin! The vitamin C and magnesium in these peels reduce free radical damage and give you a healthy, acne free, glowing skin while the calcium and potassium treat dry skin and keep it hydrated.Next time, when you are eating an orange, save those precious peels! Because, today i am going to tell you guys one easy peasy DIY recipe with orange peels to achieve the skin of your dreams!!

I think i am currently going crazy over natural cleansing grains and powders. In my last post, I shared a cleansing powder recipe for acne prone skin. Now, here comes another one! This one is much more simple with lesser and easily available ingredients! It is suitable for all skin types too!

You will need:

  1. Orange Peel Powder
  2.  Oats Powder

You can always buy orange peel powder from the market, but you can make it at home with very little effort. It just took me 2 minutes to make, so give it a try! All i did was to place orange peels in a plate near the window, whenever i ate an orange. I usually keep two plates — one to keep fresh peels and once they dry for a couple of days, i transfer them to the second plate and let them dry completely for a week or two. Once they are dry enough, blend away the peels! Make sure the blender is super dry and no traces of water in it. If you want to skip this whole thing and purchase the powder directly, check this one out.

orange peels for skin

Oats is not only a great option for breakfast, but also for cleaning your face. This gentle skin exfoliant absorbs dirt and impurities from the skin,  leaving  your pores squeaky clean. Making oats powder is much more easier than making orange peel powder. Just add some oats to the blender and blend it away! Same rule here —  “NO WATER”!!

Take a look at this pic to see how your powders should look like:

orange peel powder

Now, mix both these powders in 1:1 ratio and store it in a glass container. Whenever you want to wash your face, take a little bit in your palms/bowl, mix a few drops of water to make a paste and apply it all over the face. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and wash it off by massaging in circular motions.

beauty blogger

You can also use this as a face mask by mixing it with yogurt if you have oily/acne prone skin and milk if you have dry skin.

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DIY face wash for acne

DIY Cleansing Powder for acne – filled with natural goodness

Helloo beauties!

New year is fast approaching . Have you guys made your 2017 resolutions yet?  Well, I have made some and my important resolution for this year is self care. No matter how busy or lazy I am, i decided to take out some time for myself everyday — to take care of my skin and health, to feed my skin  with healthy and natural ingredients. As a baby step towards my goal, i gave a break to my usual face wash and started washing my face with an all natural cleansing powder, which I am going to tell you now. I used to use this in my college days, but some how stopped using it on a regular basis.

Recipe time!!

acne face wash recipe

DIY face wash

Mix all the ingredients and store in an air tight container. You can put this over your bathroom counter and no need to worry about the mixture going bad as all the ingredients are in powder form. Use this to clean your face instead of your regular face wash. If you have normal to dry skin, mix it with yogurt and if your skin is combination or oily, mix it with rose water. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off by massaging in gentle, circular motion.

Usually In the mornings, I am in a rush and so I leave it for only 5 – 10 mins. But in the evenings, I stick to 20 minutes.

acne face wash DIY

The ingredients used in this recipe are carefully chosen, keeping their acne curing benefits in mind.

Yogurt is a great natural cleanser. Lactic acid present in the milk is a naturally occurring Alpha hydroxy acid, which gently exfoliates the skin. People with acne are often suggested to eat foods rich in probiotics because the good bacteria in them maintain gut health and reduce inflammation. So, why not apply some of this awesome goodness topically? History says that Queen Cleopatra used to indulge in fermented milk baths. Is this one reason not enough for you to go rub some yogurt on your face now ? 😀

Any face wash meant for acne prone skin contains anti-bacterial properties and so does this one too!

Neem  is rich in anti bacterial properties and is a natural source of salicylic acid.

Basil is a medicinal herb which kills acne causing bacteria like no other cream on the market.

Turmeric and Sandalwood not only cure acne, but also impart a nice glow to your skin and gives you an even toned complexion.

Rose Water has astringent properties and is great for acne and scars.

NOTE: If you apply makeup, first remove it using a makeup removing wipe or oil  and then, follow up with this mask. This mask will not help in removing  makeup.

Try this  out and let me know in the comments how it worked for you. Happy new year! Keep smiling and stay beautiful!



get flawless, glowing skin with ice cubes

Hey guys!!

Today, I will be telling you how you can make your skin flawless and glowing like a celebrity – just by using Ice cubes!! Yes, Ice cubes are great for skin care and I am going to tell you how!!

Okay precautions first — Always remember not to use an ice cube directly on the face. Wrap it in a clean cotton cloth and you are all set to use it!!


An ice cube made with just water itself has a ton of benefits!!

1. Reduces Inflammation:

Getting ready for a party and a fresh-zit that popped up is ruining the look?? No worries, take an ice cube and rub it on the affected areas for 1-2 minutes. This not only reduces the redness but also the pain!!

2. Perfect Makeup Base:

Rub an ice cube before applying your makeup. This creates a smooth base for your makeup.

3. Reduces Puffiness:

My face tends to get puffy on some mornings and the first thing I do before getting ready on these days is to rub an ice cube all over my face. The cooling from the ice cube makes your skin cells contract and gives the appearance of a smaller face, by reducing the puffiness. This is great for puffiness around the eyes too!!

Also, I have some quick and easy ice cube recipes to target specific skin problems. Don’t worry guys, I have the shopping list with links included at the end!! Pick your favorite, make them on a weekend and enjoy them throughout the week!! Listening, busy ladies?? Now you don’t have an excuse to say that you have no time to take care of your skin!!


Beetroot and Milk cream ice cube:

If you are having dark lips, then you must try this!! Mix equal quantities of beetroot and milk cream, pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze. Rub this ice cube on your lips as many times as you can, in a day. You can even use it before stepping out of the door. The beetroot leaves a tint on your lips and milk cream keeps the dryness at bay. If you don’t have milk cream available, you can also add milk. Use beetroot powder if you don’t have fresh beetroot. There you go, your all natural lip tint!!

Saffron and Milk ice cube:

If you are having uneven skin tone, then this is for you!! Saffron has skin whitening and brightening properties and is perfect for getting rid of uneven skin tone. Milk moisturizes your face and the lactic acid in the milk is good for balancing out the skin tone. Take some milk in a bowl, warm it for a few seconds in a microwave and add some saffron petals to this. Leave it for at least 15 minutes and let the saffron release its color. Now pour this mixture into the ice cube and you are all set to use it once it freezes!!

Rose Water and Aloe vera Juice Ice Cube:

For this DIY, you can either use Aloe vera Gel fresh from the plant or you can use a store-brought Aloe vera Gel. However, I would always recommend to use the gel direct from the plant as it is more effective. Blend the Aloe vera gel to make juice of it. Mix equal quantities of Aloe Vera Gel and Rose Water to prepare this ice cube. Rubbing this all over your face can soothe and relieve your skin after sun exposure.

Coconut Water Ice Cube:

You can add them to your morning smoothies or you can rub it over your face for soft, glowing skin. Coconut water has tons of benefits for your skin!! It moisturizes you skin, great for anti-aging, reduces pigmentation and acne.

Neem, Tulsi and Multani Mitti Ice Cube:

Do you have an oily, acne prone skin and you are always tempted to wash it? Over Cleansing with soap/facial cleanser can do more harm than good. Don’t wash your face with a cleanser more than twice in a day. Next time you are tempted to over clean, try this instead of using a cleanser. Mix equal quantities of neem, Tulsi (basil), Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth Clay) and rose water. Pour it into an ice cube tray and let it freeze. Rub this ice cube on your face for 1-2 minutes, leave it on for a minute and wash off with cold water. Neem and Tulsi have anti-bacterial properties that help reduce acne and Fullers Earth Clay absorbs the excess oil.

Shopping List:

Beet Root Powder
Rose Water
Alovera Gel
Neem Powder
Tulsi or Basil Powder
Fuller’s Earth Clay

Give these a try, do come back and let me know your feedback. Also, share this with your friends, if you loved it!! See ya girls in my next post, till then stay beautiful!! 🙂




Hi ladies! Today I am gonna share with you all, my favorite face mask that I swear by whenever a zit pops up on my face. It is completely natural and is very effective in treating the pimples.  Pimples are caused by a type of bacteria called Propionibacterium and all the ingredients used in this face mask aim at killing this type of germs. At the same time, they also nourish and heal your skin unlike drugstore acne lotions that dry out your skin like crazy!! You just need four ingredients and two of them are available right in your kitchen —  Keep on reading!



In spite of a strict skin care routine and clean diet, do you feel that your skin is aging faster than usual? Are wrinkles and crow feet popping up at early age even with a healthy lifestyle? Believe it or not, your wash clothes may be the culprit for your early signs of aging. Exfoliating with wash clothes has been popular these days. While wash clothes do a great job in exfoliation and removing the residue, cheap quality clothes/ improper and excessive use can do more harm than good.

How I use Wash Clothes in my skin care routine? 

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