A trip to Antique mall – Part 1

The weather was bad here in Atlanta last weekend, but that did not stop us from stepping out for some treasure hunting fun. We went to  ‘Queen of hearts Antiques and Interiors‘ and my god, this is a great place  to find pieces that are ‘one of a kind’. While there is some junk that is simply overpriced, you can also spot many unique items and antiques. Here is a peak through of some things that caught my eye:

These copper tea pots will make great coffee table decors!

Look at this huge copper planter ! How about a miniature fairy garden in this? Or may be a water garden with some lotus plants? <3

If you love farmhouse/rustic style decor, then I am sure you will feel as if you have stepped into some real world pinterest board!

This old door brought back some childhood memories <3 That’s what I love about vintage items.  They remind you of old times and each piece has its own history and character.

This vintage bar in the  family room will make a perfect conversation corner! Or how about using this as your herb garden/succulent display in the living room?

Imagine this vintage thai sculpture amidst some green houseplants  — won’t it be a feast to the eyes?

Look what i found — a good old sewing machine!!

No matter how much i love and admire the beauty of these vintage dolls, that creepy doll from “Annabelle” movie scares the heck out of me from buying them, LOL!

Some more pics!!

And I am not done yet! I have more lovely finds to show you guys, but I am storing that for part-2! Till then, keep smiling!!