brass birdhouse

A trip to antique mall — part 2

Hey guys!

As promised, here is the part 2 of my shopping trip to Queen of  Hearts Antiques and Interiors. This place is huge and I couldn’t show you everything in one post. By the way, find part 1 here.

Okay, let’s move on to seeing some cool stuff now!

This gorgeous hand carved solid mahogany piece will make a perfect corner chair. I always loved the richness of mahogany and those skilfully made carvings  give this chair a royal-like look!

vintage mahogany chair

How about pairing up this navy blue upholstered vintage chair with this beautiful elephant wicker stool as a side table?

vintage chair

elephant wicker stool

Aah! Look at this antique gold plastered medallian! Hanging this statement piece on a wall will grab your guests’ attention for sure!

Okay, I sure can’t let  you guys go  without showing you some lovely brass decor!

brass stool

These brass nautical lanterns are super cool!

brass lantern

This brass swan will make an amazing coffee table decor placed on top of some stacked books.

brass swan

The brass candle holders!! My all time favorite for decorating the mantle!! <3

brass candle holder

Isn’t this the cutest birdhouse ever? A teapot shaped birdhouse made with brass!! Aaah, this is giving me some serious DIY inspiration and my hands are itching to do something creative! Okay, I am gonna leave you guys here to enjoy these vintage beauties! See you in my next post, happy decorating u all! <3 Oh, before you leave, don’t forget to share this post with your fellow decor lovers!

brass birdhouse



A trip to Antique mall – Part 1

The weather was bad here in Atlanta last weekend, but that did not stop us from stepping out for some treasure hunting fun. We went to  ‘Queen of hearts Antiques and Interiors‘ and my god, this is a great place  to find pieces that are ‘one of a kind’. While there is some junk that is simply overpriced, you can also spot many unique items and antiques. Here is a peak through of some things that caught my eye:

These copper tea pots will make great coffee table decors!

Look at this huge copper planter ! How about a miniature fairy garden in this? Or may be a water garden with some lotus plants? <3

If you love farmhouse/rustic style decor, then I am sure you will feel as if you have stepped into some real world pinterest board!

This old door brought back some childhood memories <3 That’s what I love about vintage items.  They remind you of old times and each piece has its own history and character.

This vintage bar in the  family room will make a perfect conversation corner! Or how about using this as your herb garden/succulent display in the living room?

Imagine this vintage thai sculpture amidst some green houseplants  — won’t it be a feast to the eyes?

Look what i found — a good old sewing machine!!

No matter how much i love and admire the beauty of these vintage dolls, that creepy doll from “Annabelle” movie scares the heck out of me from buying them, LOL!

Some more pics!!

And I am not done yet! I have more lovely finds to show you guys, but I am storing that for part-2! Till then, keep smiling!!



An Indian HouseWarming – Traditional Decor Ideas

Hello folks!

The day my baby blog was born, I decided it is going to be on two topics I am really, really passionate about – green beauty and home decor. I have been wanting to do this post for a while now and this moment, as I am writing it down, my heart beats with excitement — because this is my first ever blog post on home decor. I have been giving a lot of thought on what my first post should be about and I finally decided – It’s going to be on our housewarming decor!!

It’s a newly constructed town home and we instantly fell connected as we entered the community during our house search. It was our first ever big investment and we were head over heals with excitement the moment we signed the contract. We used to go to the site every weekend to see how the construction was going on. The empty walls and the cold floors still felt warm and cozy. The unfurnished house still felt like home. With each passing day, grew our love towards it. The house was ready, just in time, as our first wedding anniversary gift  <3

Soon came the big day and our housewarming preparations started with placing this beautiful brass Ganesha in the north east corner of the house. Amma got this from India and I was totally fascinated!(Buy similiar Ganesha here )


I searched a lot for that “perfect” Buddha before I came across him on a weekend treasure hunt. His face is very calming and the facial features are sharp and attractive. The moment I laid my eyes on him, I felt very peaceful and so he had to come home with me! And there he is, sitting near the fire place, amidst some tea light candles and flowers.

rosewood pujamandir

My sister brought this Rosewood Puja Mandir on her return trip from India and I should admit, the hassle to bring it all the way from India with special packaging and lots of “Fragile” stickers on it was well worth it.

I wanted Marigold flowers to give that traditional oomph to the occasion. My local flower shop usually has them and so I thought to go a day or two before the pooja to buy them. But turns out, we have to order them a week in advance. After lots of phone calls and trips to several Indian floral shops in the city, I somehow managed to get them. Lesson learnt — plan ahead!!

front door marigold decor

The front door is adorned with beautiful marigolds, roses, mango leaves, string lights and of course, a pumpkin!


I am an amateur at Rangoli, but decided to try my hand for the big day and this is how it turned out. The wind disturbed it a little and i was in a hurry as the puja time was approaching, but overall, i think it looked okay.

floral decor3

floral decor

floral rangoli3

floral rangoli

Everyone loved these floral rangolis around the Puja Mandir. The staircases and chandeliers were adorned with flower garlands, giving a warm welcome to the guests.


satyanarayana puja

indian housewarming

The puja went well and here I am, enjoying every moment, curating our sweet little home with things that are close to our heart and things that reflect our personality. Stay connected as I bring you more décor posts, DIYs and let’s have fun together!