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How are you guys doing? We all love hair masks, isn’t it? And when it is a herbal mask with no harmful ingredients, I can not resist giving it a try. Did you guys hear of the ‘Bio Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment Pack’ from Biotique Botanicals? I absolutely love it and guess what, I am going to review it for you guys today!!

I used to be a big fan of Biotique when I was in India and somehow, stopped using their products after coming to US. Blame it on the lack of availability here in USA(I wish I knew it before that amazon sells them!!)  and also my thirst to try out other new products. Few months back, when I went to India, I got a few Biotique products and this hair mask is one among them.

biotique hair mask

The first thing that made me fall in love with this product is the ingredient list. Just an awesome combo of pure herbs and Himalayan water. Last year, we have been to Kashmir and OMG, the Himalayan water is very pure and fresh! Locals told us that the water coming from the Himalayas, flows over the medicinal herbs on these mountains on its way and therefore, has a ton of nutrients. See below picture for the ingredient list and what  each of these herbs does to your hair.

biotique hair mask ingredients

I can not really comment on the ‘intensive hair growth’ claim of this mask, but I can definitely say, this mask has improved the quality and health of my hair. Whenever I use this mask, I notice a visible difference in the texture and there is an added shine to my hair. This mask brings in a nice bounce to the hair and makes my hair smooth every time I use it. It is a great mask for all hair types, especially for people with dry and damaged hair. (3)

This 230 grams mask comes in a tub and can be easily scooped out. It has a herbal smell to it and some people may not like this smell, but for me, being a herb lover, I love it. The consistency is quite thick and you will not be able to apply it directly on to your hair. You need to mix it with yogurt or egg. I usually mix it with both for added benefits. I apply the mask all over my hair concentrating on the scalp, leave it for 30 minutes and then I am off to shower.

Tip: Whenever you are using such herbal masks, make sure you concentrate on your scalp because it is where hair growth starts. The root needs to be stronger and healthy to get a beautiful mane. 

Just like Henna, this mask makes a mess  while washing your hair. Just remember to clean your bathtub and walls with water immediately after washing your hair and you should be all set. The mask has tiny granules in it and you will find some of these granules left behind in your hair even after shampooing. Try to remove as much as you can in the shower and the remaining granules should be gone when you are combing your hair.

Tip: Don’t use too much shampoo to remove the product from your hair. Instead, use lukewarm water to wash off the product and then, finish it off with a shampoo. Over Shampooing will kill the benefits of this mask.

Actually, these things did not bother me much because these are the common issues you find with most herbal masks and I say, the mess is totally worth it.  The one little concern I have is the quantity. The tub looks like a decent size but when you open it, you realize it is not filled completely with the product(only 3/4th filled). I use 2 tablespoons of this paste each time and this will last for about 4-5 uses for my hair, which is a little above the belly button. But again, I think it is decently priced, considering the quality. I got it for Rs. 250/- (around $5) from India and to my joy, I recently found that Biotique products are sold on too!! (doing a happy dance now). And now, I don’t have to ask my mom to ship them from India. Yes, I have to spend a couple of extra dollars when compared to the price I pay in India, but when you include the shipping costs from India, it will cost me the same. You can buy it here .

Will I repurchase this mask?Definitely, Yes!!

That’s about it guys!! Try it and let me know your feedback in the comments. Also, do share this post with your friends and family, because you know, sharing is caring!! See you all in my next post, till then, stay beautiful 🙂