Hey guys!! Wanna learn what co-wash exactly is?? Well, it is a fun technique and a life savior for curly and wavy heads out there. Read on, baby!!

Co-Washing and its benefits for your hair-- Learn how to Cowash

Co-washing is washing your hair with conditioner instead of the regular shampoo. It is simply the short form of Conditioner Washing. This technique doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils but removes excess oil and dirt. It lengthens the period between your shampooing sessions. Shampooing  very frequently makes your strands dry and all the natural oils produced by your scalp are sucked out by the evil shampoos, leaving your hair prone to damage and frizz. On the other hand, prolonging your shampoo sessions may make your roots oily by the middle of the week or so, depending on your hair type. Your hair may become dirty due to the pollution and dirt(Okay, only my dear fellow Indians can understand this problem), or your scalp becomes sweaty if you workout and I bet none of us want to walk out of the door with sweaty-smelling hair, do we?? Like this, there might be a zillion other reasons that make you want to shampoo very often, but, my dear dry hair ladies, I hear you!! Yes, I understand your struggle because I am one among you. We are left in a confusion whether to shampoo our hair very often or limit the shampooing sessions to once/twice a week.  Co-wash is an awesome bridge to fill in the gap and provides a solution to this dilemma.  Co-wash between your regular shampoo sessions  makes your hair bouncy and clean without stripping it.  Keep on reading!