In spite of a strict skin care routine and clean diet, do you feel that your skin is aging faster than usual? Are wrinkles and crow feet popping up at early age even with a healthy lifestyle? Believe it or not, your wash clothes may be the culprit for your early signs of aging. Exfoliating with wash clothes has been popular these days. While wash clothes do a great job in exfoliation and removing the residue, cheap quality clothes/ improper and excessive use can do more harm than good.

How I use Wash Clothes in my skin care routine? 

Everyone has their own way of incorporating wash clothes in their skin care routine. This is my way: First, I use a cleansing oil (mostly jojoba and castor oil mix) to clean off the dirt and makeup. Then, using my Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash and Konjac Sponge, I wash off the oil and dead skin cells. Then, I take a Organic Bamboo Wash Cloth, wet it and wring off the excess water. I rub this wet wash cloth all over my face to remove any left over residue.

I always prefer to use high quality wash clothes, which are soft and gentle on my skin. I loveeee the wash clothes from Au Naturel!! These are literally my life savior. They are made with Cashmere silk and cotton, and are very gentle on the skin. These are unbleached, free from pesticides, dyes and are great for sensitive skin. Moreover, they are quick to dry.This comes in a pack of 6 and I use a fresh one for each day.

Bamboo has a natural anti bacterial agent called ‘Bamboo Kun’. Because of this,  wash clothes made with Bamboo are anti bacterial, anti fungal and odor resistant. These are eco-friendly and 100% bio degradable. Also, bamboo trees grow very fast using very little resources. You know that you are doing good to environment while pampering your skin. That’s what I love about organic wash clothes  <3

One mistake I see many people make is to reuse their wash clothes. Reusing the wash clothes can spread the bacteria and cause acne. so you need to use a clean one daily.  The ones I use are anti-bacterial and so, I use one for each day. However, if you are using a regular wash cloth, I recommend using a clean one for every single use.

You can also use wash cloth to dry exfoliate your body. But remember not to over do it. Too much scrubbing is always bad for your skin. Hope you guys love the idea of bamboo wash clothes and will make a switch!



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